What is the Perusona Ambassador Program and Why Should You Care?

The Ambassador Program is an affiliate marketing program and exclusive community created for the simple purpose of giving back and sharing our success with YOU, our wonderful community of coffee lovers and fans!  We've set up this program as a way to say thank you for your support, and we understand that without you our company we would cease to exist. Here's what to expect out of this awesome program!

  1. Signing up is easy, and the best part?  It's free and there are no minimum requirements to join!
  2. The first 10 people who sign up will receive a 15% commission!  Everyone else will start with a 5% commission.  You can earn $$$ on all of our products!
  3. Upward mobility!  You'll have the amazing opportunity to increase your commission by recruiting other coffee lovers to join the program!  For every 5 people you get to join, we will increase your commission by 1% until you've reached a total of 20%.
  4. By becoming an exclusive member, you will receive a 15% discount code that is unique to you and you'll be able to share the love with family and friends (or other coffee nuts)!
  5. You will be the very first to know about new products, updates, blog posts, early access, and anything else that you need to be in on!

If you love our products or looking for new ways to make extra cash, then sign up now!  Link is below.