About The Beans

Besides feeling great about purchasing our coffee that will benefit someone in need, you can be assured that you will be buying the freshest and highest quality coffee that comes at an incredible value.  All of our coffee is freshly roasted – always!  We take great pride and passion when it comes to the roasting process and how beans are selected.  Below is a list of how we do that:

  1. We use 100% Arabica beans! Full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, this species is famously known around the globe for its rich quality and countless health benefits. As the go-to artisan coffee type for over 60% of the world, Arabica has humbly earned its place in the ranks of coffee excellence.
  2. We inspect the beans them several times for quality and freshness.  This ensures you are not only receiving high quality beans, but also a nearly flawless batch of perfection.
  3. We use our air roasters to blow high pressure heat through a perforated sheet to keep every single bean in constant motion. The force keeps them from touching any hot metal surfaces inside. This prevents “tipping”, an issue many drum roasters face when a bean is burnt on the metal. That means you get a perfect roast every time!
  4. The beans are inspected one final time before they are bagged and sealed.  This quality assurance process is rigid and thorough to ensure you only get the best beans possible.
  5. 4-7 business days later you will be experiencing the freshest and highest quality coffee imaginable!

Why is this important?  As you are aware, you could get coffee at any local supermarket.  The thing is you don’t know how long that coffee has been sitting around or where it’s been.  The longer coffee sits around, the quicker it loses its freshness.  And if it loses its freshness, the taste, aromas, and quality evaporate with it.  This is a bad thing.  Even slightly aged coffee tends to taste somewhat bitter or bland.  No coffee lover is going to want that.

As you know, our coffee is roasted using an unorthodox method – fluid bed roasting.  We like to take a scientific, modern, and innovative approach to roasting our beans.  90% of coffee companies that you buy from utilize the traditional drum roaster to roast their beans.  It’s that steel drum that rotates the beans on a hot metal surface to roast them.  It’s not a bad way to roast, but the likeliness of burnt beans is higher which in turn will create a very bitter and sour tasting cup.  Also, drum roasters have been around since the 19th century, so there’s nothing different, cutting edge, or innovative about them.  It’s the same old story - boring and outdated.  Our fluid bed roasters, however, levitate the beans in a bed of hot, temperature-controlled, sterile air and they never make contact with a hot metal surface ever!  Using cutting-edge software and AI to determine if the beans are uniformly roasted, we can guarantee a perfect roast every time.  Our air roasters roast coffee beans faster, better, and more efficiently than any drum roaster can put out.  This is how we can get perfectly roasted coffee to your doorstep in just a few business days. 

We guarantee you will love our coffee.  If you’re a first time customer and not convinced, we will gladly give you your money back within 30 days of purchase.  Tell our customer service team you read that here.  They’ll be no exceptions or excuses!