Our Mission and Why Us?

Our brand was created through a simple vision and purpose – to provide fresh, roasted-to-order, craft coffee in which we donate our profits to help others who are in need and suffering.  Through our profound passion for coffee, we want to create change in a positive light that will have an impact here in America, and for the rest of humanity throughout the world.  We believe that any benefit towards change, no matter how big or small, will provide a helping hand to someone who is experiencing extreme hardships whether it be from sickness, homelessness, disabilities, and anything that will prevent good people from living their lives to their fullest potentials. As a company, we are limited in the ways we can help others, but as a community of people, we can make a major impact!  Our goal is to rally those in the community and ask for their assistance in creating positive change and advancing humanity through coffee.  Perusona Coffee is more than just another brand of coffee in America.  It’s coffee with a sense of purpose and awareness – drink great coffee, support a great cause.